The story of “Sony finally stopping the A -mount?” Is spreading around the Internet. Certainly, if you look at Sony’s US site, there is no A-mount camera in the product list. From the menu, there are “Mirrorless full-frame”, “Mirrorless APS-C” and “Cinema line” in the genre of “Interchangeable Lens Cameras” (that is, interchangeable lens cameras), but A-mount cameras are gone by genre. 

What is A mount in the first place?

 Nowadays, Sony is the male mirrorless single-lens camera that has made the center of the digital single-lens market the center of the digital single-lens market, and I think that many people have the impression that Sony cameras are “α7” or “α6xxx”.

 The 35mm full-size sensor machine is the α series (α1 / α7 / α9), and the APS-C size sensor machine is the α 4-digit series (α6xxx). Both adopt the same “E mount” and advocate “1 Mount” in the sense that all are cool with one mount.

What about other countries? Speaking of which, in Japan, “α77II” and “α99II” are still on the list, but α77II is treated as “end of sale at Sony store”, and it is only α99II.

A mount was born in 1985

 The story goes back to 1985.

 Minolta, which has been involved in everything from compact cameras to single-lens reflex cameras as a camera manufacturer, has released a new autofocus single-lens reflex series that replaces the previous “X series” and became a hit.

That is the first α “α-7000” that was born in 1985. After that, the lineup was expanded to include the high-end model “α-9000” for professionals and the inexpensive introductory model “α-5000”, and the “α-7” was released in 2000.

By the way, Minolta is “α-7”. Sony is the “α7”. The difference is important with or without hyphens. It’s the same if it’s voice. Anyway, from around this time, the main model of α was “Arufa Sebum”.

 Eventually, Minolta merged with Konica, which was involved in cameras and films, to become Konica Minolta in 2003, and in 2004, released Konica Minolta’s first digital single-lens reflex camera. It is “α-7 Digital”. The feature is that it is equipped with the first digital single-lens reflex camera “in-body image stabilization”. 

Sony’s “α7” was in 2013, so it was 10 years ago. The situation develops greatly from here. In 2005, Sony and Minolta announced that they would jointly develop the α series, and in 2006, Konica Minolta withdrew from the camera business, and the entire α series business was transferred to Sony. With this, Sony got the digital SLR that he wanted with the mount. Sony’s α series started with Minolta’s α. So this was the brief history of the A-mount Sony Camera 

I was curious, so I decided to take a look at other countries.

 Looking at Sony in the United Kingdom (UK), there is a genre called “A-mount”, and there are four models in the lineup.

The breakdown is α99 and α99II, and then α77II and α68. Germany has the same 4 models, but France has 3 models except the α77II. In Italy, there are two models, α99 and α58.

 Looking at Asia, there are two models in China, the α99II and α77II, which are the same as in Japan The A-mount camera body has not disappeared from the lineup all over the world, and it is interesting because quite a few differences are depending on the country.

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