Who Will Save Hinduism

All I can see is a choas on the social media to save hinduism. It is filed with sologns like

Save Hindus Girls from Love Jihad , Save Hindus from Conversion to other faiths , Save Gau Mata, Save Hindu Culture and now save Hindu Festivlas

Twitters – Facebooks – Youtube & Instagram are full of these Hastags of Save Hinduism

But with all these Hastags and outcry on social media will we be able to save Hinduism in reality.

Hardly any Hindus read their scritpures…. leave Vedas & Upnishads most of them even never touched Bhagvad Gita what to speak of reading it with a proper guidence.

You can’t fight for something if you do not know anyting about it. & they think they don’t need it as they don’t found it interesting well someone else is taking intreset in your scritpures and misquoting them. If you don’t read it You can’t protect it… It is as simple as that.

Conversion happens when someone can change your faith, Faith without knowledge cannot surivive for long and they have done no efforts to acquire this knowledge.

There were around 1,00,000 vedic Gurukuls in 1830 but now in 2020 and now there are less then 200 Gurukuls in all over India.

Now think why is that a famous musician’s daughter appears in Hijab and a famous Muslim actress chooses to end his shining career… and while we Hindus are busy to destroy those insitution who are educating about our vedic heritage

The reason is simple we as Hindu Community have failed ourselves by giving up our Vedic heritiage and culture. We have oursleves and motivated, supported bollywoods, others to make fun of our culture- brhamins and scriptures

So next time when you put a hastag about saving hinduism better would be do something for the Hinduism and lets start it by Reading Bhagvad Gita as it is and distributing and Gifting scritpures to our relatives and friends