Top Film Industry Jobs

Top Film Industry Jobs if you are searching for it let me assure you that you have landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll discuss the top film industry jobs.  

If you ever dreamt of working in films, but do not know where to start and what to opt for as a career in the film industry then this article is for you. Before you pack your bag run for Mumbai or Los-angles for your Bollywood or Hollywood dreams. It would be better to research the top film industry jobs.  

Lets us discuss the top film industry jobs without any further delay.  

Ask Yourself “Who are you”? 

There are many departments in the film industry. These departments can be classified into three major categories. And you must ask yourself where you can fit. These departments are known as    

  • Pre Production 
  • Production 
  • Post Production 

Pre-Production:  Pre-Production is the first stage in film-making. The pre-Production stage offers some exciting film Industry jobs. Pre-Production offers the following film industry jobs.  

Story -Screenplay-Dialogue Writer  

If you love films, I am pretty sure you are one of those who love to watch credit titles in the end or do not skip the starting titles. The Writer in the movies plays a major role. It is the idea of the writer which takes place as the story and then gradually develops into the screenplay with dialogue. If you want to understand what is screenplay writing you must click here

In the Film Industry jobs or Film Industry careers, most of the time we have a single person working as a writer who writes the story- screenplay and dialogue writer. 

But sometimes it is possible that the story was written by someone else and the production company decides to hire a screenplay writer for the development of the screenplay.  

 It happens when the film is being adapted from a story written by the novel writer. Sometimes production company buys the right of making a film from the story writer as they think that the story writer may not be capable of writing the screenplay.  

A writer is considered one of the best film industry jobs. Film Industry is always looking for new ideas and a new story that they can tell to the audience. Writing is considered one of the top film industry jobs and as a lucrative career option in the film career.  

A film-writer can earn 5000 Rupees Per Episode to 50000 Rupees per Episode depending upon his experience. For film writing the payments can start from 50000 Rupees to anywhere depending upon your experience and reputation.  

As a trainee, you may expect some amount for the maintenance but do ready to work for long hours- sleepless nights and a very low amount of payout. Yes, that’s how it works in the film industry. 

Now, let’s move to the other department which is known as Production. The Production department offers many Top Film industry jobs and high-paying careers in filmmaking. Lets us quickly take a glimpse of different jobs that the production department offers in the film industry. Here is the list of different film industry jobs offered by the production department. 

  • Director 
  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Art Director 

The above list is known as the topmost film industry jobs world-wide. Let us quickly discuss the role and profile of each of them. 

1. The Director (Captain of the Ship) 

Director Top Film Industry Jobs
Director Top Film Industry Jobs

The Director of the film is responsible for the art & craft of the film. The director’s role starts from the pre-production and he has to stay till the film is released in the theatres or on the ott platforms. 

A film/ TV Serial director can charge starting from as low as 50000 to anywhere depending upon the project and the reputation of a film director. Most of the famous director charges above 1 Cr and also takes some percentage in profits. So Film Direction is one of the top film industry jobs. 

2. The Producer 

Producer top Film Industry Jobs
Producer top Film Industry Jobs

Well, it is one of the most extravagant job options in the film industry. A film producer is the one who arranges the funds for the movie. He is an artist who understands the market and invests money in the project because he understands how to make a profit. The producer has control over the costing and as well as creatives of the film. A producer most of the time comes for the profit part and it can be anywhere from 50 to 75 percent of movie-making.         

3. The Executive Producer 

Before you become a successful producer it will be good to become the executive producer and understand the economics of Film Making. An executive producer in the film industry works for the Producers. He controls the cost of the project. He also controls the payments- expense and execution process of the film-making. An Executive producer can earn 25000 rupees to 1.5 Lac rupees depending upon the project and his work experience.  

4. The Cinematographer 

Cinematographer Top Film Industry Jobs
Cinematographer Top Film Industry Jobs

A cinematographer or director of photography is considered the heart of film-making. And one of the most desirous job profiles in the film industry. A cinematographer captures the vision of the director by his framing -lighting and setting up the mod of the film. He is hired during the film production and his job continues till the shooting of the film. At a few times, he may be required during the video editing for reviewing the color and mood of the movie. A cinematographer can earn anywhere from 25K to 2 lakh per day for filming the scenes or episodes. As said earlier it depends upon the work experience and the talent of the person. 

5. The Art Director   


Art Director Top Film Industry Jobs
Art Director Top Film Industry Jobs

The art director is responsible for the look of the film. The scenes are written and composed within the city -room and outdoor. An art director’s responsibility is to achieve the script visuals by designing the studio. It is known as product design. The art department works closely with the director and cinematographer to set the theme of the film. An Art director can earn from 15000 rupees to 1 Lakh rupees per day depending upon his talent and work experiences. 

Now comes the post-production part of the film-making. After the Film is produced the film is sent to the video editing department. In the post-production department following jobs are considered the top jobs in the film industry.  

  • Video Editor 
  • Music Composer 
  • Sound Engineer 

6. Video Editor     

Video Editor and Top Film Industry Jobs
Video Editor and Top Film Industry Jobs

The Video Editor is the person who assembles the footage and creates a timeline of shots after shots and turns them into scenes. The combination of these scenes is called the final film which is ready to display at Theatres or OTT platforms. An Editor can charge anywhere from 50000 rupees and it can be anything depending upon the talent and reputation of the video editor. 

7. Music Composer 


Music Composer Top Film Industry Jobs
Top Film Industry Jobs and Music Composer

The music Composer creates the background music for the film. In the Bollywood film industry, they also compose songs. Sometimes Background Music and Film songs composition are done by different music directors. This is known as the best-paid job in the film industry. They are paid anywhere from 50000 rupees to anything depending upon the talent and reputation of the music composer. 

8. Sound Engineer 

Sound Engineer  as Top Film Industry Jobs
Sound Engineer as Top Film Industry Jobs

The Sound Engineer is responsible for the mixing and dubbing of the film. He creates sound effects and foley effects in the movie. The sound engineer works for sound studios or sometimes they build up their own sound studios. Normally a sound Engineer can earn a minimum of 25 K to 75K per month according to his work experience and talent. 

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