01 . Nikon D850, the most excellent full-frame SLR (24×36)

Essentially pointed at experts, the Nikon D850 is an outstanding DSLR with a massive full-frame sensor (24x36mm) remitting very- large images (45.4 Mpx) of extraordinary quality, even in below lighting conditions. It also benefits from a high-end automatic white balance and a very -fast 153-point autofocus for satisfactory overall responsiveness. Tropicalized, this case finally integrates the focus peaking / steaking functions as well as the 4K without cropping that was missing from Nikon cameras. Its touch screen can be rotated vertically and the battery life is honorable but not exceptional. Also, we regret the lack of sensor stabilization and USB-C. But despite these small flaws, the D850 remains a nugget that will satisfy any photographer able to afford it.

02. Nikon D750, the full-frame SLR with the much value for money

The Nikon D750 is positioned as one of the most affordable full-frame (24×36) sensor SLRs. It was amazing to find that it is a compact and lightweight camera in this category, the D750 is fast, sensitive, and produces exceptional image quality. It stays in the classic (Nikon, like its great rival Canon, is not the most extravagant of manufacturers) but it was nonetheless the first Nikon SLR to offer built-in Wi-Fi. It also has an articulated LCD screen. Released a while ago now, the D750 doesn’t have a touchscreen and is starting to get old, but it remains one of the best performing SLRs in its market segment nonetheless.

Nikon D7500, the best DSLR with an APS-C sensor

The Nikon D7500 borrows its sensor and processor from the D500, its autofocus and optical viewfinder from the D7200, and puts it all in a reworked, more compact, and lightweight chassis. The result is a blazingly efficient APS-C (DX) SLR that has been updated with a few other welcome additions such as the truly tactile, swiveling display. We can hardly blame it for its slightly lower 4K and Full HD video performance, the lack of a second SD card port, or its somewhat slow focus in live view. But with image quality on par with the D500 for $ 700 less, there’s no doubt the D7500 is a choice you won’t regret.

Canon EOS 250D, the APS-C reflex with the most excellent quality/price ratio.

Although not available in India but reverse tree media team has kept it on the list because of its humble in size and cost, but not in execution, the Canon EOS 250D allows the best worth for money. It is loaded with a 24 Mpx APS-C sensor. It is adequate for maximum uses and gives a -very-fast hybrid autofocus ( May because of its only 9 points and a continuous shot with 5 fps), video abilities of 4K30p but as this is a crop sensor camera. This SLR will be absolute for beginners wishing to progress in their practice of photography. The 250D has a feature specially designed to teach them how to operate the different settings that can be accessed. It also has a vertically and horizontally swiveling touchscreen and enables wireless image transfer. Everything you need to make it a complete, efficient, yet easy to learn device.

Canon EOS 4000D, the best low-cost DSLR, perfect for beginners

If the Canon EOS 4000D is not the best reflex in its category in terms of image quality and especially responsiveness, this entry-level reflex still has an 18 Mpx APS-C sensor with very decent performance. for the asking price. Confined in high sensitivities, is it’s one of the problems. But this 4000D offers good ergonomics and a complete variety of keys that will be perfect for helping beginners to improve. It additionally offers a big size optical park as well as an efficient Wi-Fi connection which is very appreciable for fans of social networks, and all this is for an unbeatable price. In conclusion, it can be said that canon 4000D offers excellent features in this price category

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