Top 5 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos.

Top 5 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos.

YouTube has now become the world’s largest platform for everyone like filmmakers, Travelers, Content creators, Teachers, Business, and so on. Everyone is willing to present their video content on YouTube for every purpose. So, creating a good quality video in less amount of time becomes a challenge for YouTubers. For having good quality video content, choosing the right camera is very important. In these lists, we pick the five best cameras for YouTube content and we enlisted these cameras according to their features, video quality, and affordability.

  1. Smartphone: 

The smartphone is the most advance gadget we have in today’s world. It has an immense capability or options in the field of video making. It is great for every type of YouTube creator whether it is vlogger or other content creators. Some of the incredible features to enlist it in our list are:

  1. Very much affordable gadget or most commonly used the gadget. 
  2. Nowadays every smartphone is capable of 720p HD video quality which good enough for a good YouTube video. And some of them also give 4K but they are quite expensive.
  3. Very easy to carry and handle.
  4. Smartphone display is a plus point while shooting. During framing and shoot, we use it as a view monitor.  
  5. Using some apps, you can use your smartphone like a DSLR camera. It gives certain extra options like frame rate, aperture, stabilization, beneficial for video shooting.
  6. It has great auto-focus. 
  7. Using some gadget like gimble, external mobile lights and so on, we can increase the ability and usage.
  8. Another feature which is incredible in a smartphone is that you don’t need to upload the clip in a computer or laptop for editing and uploading. In smartphone, we can do both the task, editing and uploading which save a lot of time. 
  9. Go Pro Camera:

Go Pro is an action camera but now a day lot of YouTubers use it for their content because of its extraordinarily features. By the way, action camera means the camera which is designed for recording action while being immersed in it. Some of its features are:

  1. Very much compact or small in size.
  2. Good video quality. Some of the Go Pro cameras also record 4K.  
  3. Good battery life.
  4. Go Pros are great for rough use.
  5. Some Go Pro have inbuilt stabilization.
  6. Very much affordable in price.
  7. It also gives multiple setting options like framerate, resolutions etc.
  1. DJI Osmo Pocket: 

DJI Osmo Pocket is the equipment of the modern world. It has a tremendous capability not even in vlogging but also in the field of short-film making. It gives you the portability of small equipment with retaining the quality features of the equipment. Some of its features are:

  1. Compact design. It is as small as a pen so very much portable.
  2. It is a camera with gimble that’s why it gives you professional level stabilization.
  3. It gives 4K video in 60 fps.
  4. It has a very small view monitor but you can also use mobile also with help of DJI Osmo app.
  5. It is a great camera for all YouTuber and vloggers.
  1. DSLR Camera: 

A DSLR camera is basically for photography after that also it is very much popular in videographer community because of its extraordinary video capability. The best part of DSLR is that we can adjust every setting of it manually. Nowadays the DSLR’s become more advance in features and its capability. Another best part of it is that you can use different external lenses in it. In YouTube, almost 70 to 80 per cent YouTubers use DSLR for their videos. Some of its features are:

  1. Entry-level DSLR are very much affordable in price.
  2. You can multiply lenses on it. Which increase its video quality like prime lenses, wide lenses.
  3. Some of DSLR offer tilt screen, which is great while shooting vlogs and also shooting low or extreme high angle shots.
  4. For battery life, you can easily attach external batteries with it. 
  5. In video quality, all DSLR give full HD that is 1920 x 1080p resolution which good enough for YouTube videos.
  6. You can also attach extra accessories with it like Mic, light, Headphone jack, external battery, External SSD drive, external monitor etc.
  1. Mirrorless cameras: 

Today’s world is a world of mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless is just like DSLR but it is more compact than it. And its video or picture quality is also better than DSLR. In mirrorless camera light directly exposed to the sensor in DSLR, it first reflects on the mirror and then on a sensor. The extra features mirrorless camera gives rather than DSLR are:

  1. A Mirrorless camera is very compact than the DSLR and also lightweight.
  2. Inbuilt body stabilization. Some of the mirrorless cameras offer inbuilt stabilization which available in DSLR.
  3. Its video and picture quality is much better than the DSLR camera because of its direct exposure of light on the image sensor.
  4. Due to its compact body battery life of the mirrorless camera is much better than DLSR

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