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The release of Sony FX9 Firmware Version

Information regarding the forthcoming firmware update for Sony’s FX9 cine camera has been made public by the company. October 2022 marks the month when users will be able to download version 4.0 of the FX9 firmware. It includes a number of brand new capabilities for the C3 (Camera Connect Cloud) process, in addition to other features, and of course it fixes any bugs that may have been present.

When it comes to planning feature roadmaps for the higher-end mirrorless and cine sectors, Sony pays close attention to the feedback it receives from its customers. And despite the fact that we’re talking about a very large company here, it’s really nice to see that even years after the release of a particular camera, we’re still getting updates. These updates not only fix bugs, but they also add features that weren’t available on these cameras before. Even though this is the case, it’s still really nice to see.

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This time around, Sony has announced details on the upcoming version 4.0 of the FX9 firmware, which will include several camera-to-cloud features in addition to other enhancements. The most recent version, number 3, was made available for download in November of 2021.

Firmware version 4.0 for the Sony FX9

The Sony FX9, just like the Sony FX6, now has expanded capability thanks to the addition of the Sony C3 firmware version 4.0. Even while the FX9 was already able to leverage the C3 workflow, version 4.0 of the C3 Portal cloud service interface offers some new functionality, including the following:

Importing LUT Files to the Camera from the Cloud
EVERY File Uploaded to the Camera and Sent to the Cloud
Automatic Uploading of High-Resolution Files

In addition, the latest firmware update for the Sony FX9, version 4.0, brings the following capabilities to the camera, which were previously very capable:

Enhancement of the Workflow

  • Data from LUT Being Saved to a Memory Card
    – Switching the Audio Level Meter Indicator (Channel 1.2 to Channel 3.4)
  • Give the Audio Monitor Selection to the Buttons That Can Be Assigned
  • Slow Motion, Quick Motion, and Recording Via Proxy (Proxy Recording mode not forcibly set to Off)
  • Assignable Buttons LED bulb On / Off mode

Overall, this may not be the most interesting update for certain consumers, but it demonstrates that Sony is attentive to feedback and is continually working to improve its product lineup. The question that has to be answered is whether will come first: an entirely new camera or version 5.0 with much upgraded features.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Does this upgrade meet your requirements in terms of how you operate with C3? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience!

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