GoPro HERO3 + Black / Music – For Any Room

GoPro is back with a new camera device that is bundled with mount where this device is here for musicians. Is the GoPro HERO3 + Black / Music Edition the latest version of HERO3 + which targets musicians who like to do video recording both outdoors and indoors? The mount that is packaged in this sale is specially designed to make it easier for musicians to place the GoPro HERO3 + on additional musical instruments such as drums, guitars, and others. What’s more, this camera can be connected to a smartphone device via the GoPro mobile app to control the camera when it is mounted. 

Thanks to the presence of a special adhesive found on the Hero3 + to avoid damage to your musical instrument. In the sales package, consumers will get a mic mount that is compatible with standard mic devices, as well as an additional special adapter that can be connected to a European-made mic stand. As a mini camcorder, the GoPro HERO3 + Black / Music Edition is equipped with the ability to record full HD and 4K quality videos. Besides, you can also capture images with a 12-megapixel sensor quality. The latest GoPro device is rumored to be available in the spring of 2014 with a price tag of around Rp.4.8 million 

Zoom Q4 – Perfect for Music Fans

The latest camcorders are pretty much on the market, but very few specialize in these devices for musicians. Zoom, which is an audio manufacturer from Japan, presents a camcorder specifically for musicians called Zoom Q4. As reported by Slashgear, the Zoom Q4 comes with a flip-up X / Y microphone that can record 1080 / 60p quality video with 24-bit / 96k stereo audio output. Capable of recording up to 2-3 hours on a single charge, the Q4 is equipped with an LCD screen and a variety of easy-to-use controls such as low-cut filters and headphone level. On the front is a wide-angle lens off / 2.8, 22mm to 130 degrees.

On the sensor, there are 3 recording modes such as auto, concert, and night. To save the video recording results, Zoom Q4 has immersed an SDXC memory card slot up to 128 GB with audio output in WAV and AAC formats. For connections, this camcorder is equipped with a mini-HDMI port, miniUSB, headphone jack, and external stereo microphone. Even more sophisticated, the Q4 can be used as a USB camera for live streaming or use it for Skype, armed with a USB microphone that can be connected to the iPad as the main connection. Priced at $ 299.99, in the sales package Zoom Q4 consumers will get a hairy widescreen and an optional head mount, mic stand mount, and waterproof casing.

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