Nikon Z9 Rumours are all over the internet and Reverse Tree Media presents a consolidated yet exciting preview for our readers.

Nikon’s about to announce the z9. Will it surpass the alpha one as the best fast-action sports camera on the market today?
will it be able to shoot an 8k video? will it be able to shoot 20 frames per second mechanical at 46 megapixels We’ve gathered the Nikon
z9 specs from around the web to come up with the most likely scenario.

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Now coming back to main the event that is the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera let’s figure out what rumors are and what we really can expect from Nikon Z9 Camera.

Nikon guys are telling us that we’re getting a new APC-C mirrorless camera in the first half of 2021 but what we really care about is Nikon’s answer to the sony alpha one.

It really feels as though Nikon’s been sleeping for a few years kind of like
canon did up until 2020. But now they are ready to wake up and fight to challenge the market.

Well, it kind of looks that way the Nikon z9 is a mirrorless successor to the Nikon d6 and will be a significant upgrade over the d6 you’ll remember that this camera was released just last year.

The Nikon z9 will have a 46-megapixel CMOS sensor though some think the sensor size could range between 42 and 60 megapixels. We don’t really think so the trend is to have 8k video as a minimum for high-end
cameras and this requires a base of between 45 and 50 megapixels if you want to deliver 8k DCI.

But if we are carefully observing then 60 megapixels would be aggressive and require a whole lot more power to deliver the same frame rates expected by a flagship fast action stills hybrid camera.

Now despite 8k video, this is still a fast-action sports camera aimed primarily at photographers that do want some video capabilities. And Nikon Z9 will have the same body style and proportions as the Nikon d6 which is very similar to the canon 1dx mark iii this gives it more room to deal with the enormous amount of heat generated by its aggressive
specifications in both photo and video.

It’s capable of 20 frames per second mechanical with an iso range between 64 and 25,600. Now this isn’t the biggest iso range at all and we know you get that and we really do sense that this is incorrect and expect an iso range of at least 100 to 100,000.

But you will notice that the z9 can shoot 20 frames per second mechanical over the alpha ones shooting of 10 frames per second mechanical we wonder what the z9 is capable of in shooting in electronic mode.

It provides you 30 frames per second, the same as the alpha one could they even push it to 40. We were going to say 60 We mean is it possible that they can push it to 40 frames per second. We’ll just have to wait and see the Nikon z9 will be capable of 8k video at up to 30 frames per second and 8k video at 30 frames per second has become an expected top shelf capability.

Let us discuss the ergonomics a little bit. We have one picture of the body of Nikon Z 9. It has an integrated grip in it and guesses what it has on the grip are buttons and dials.
This is an integrated body and the question is would you rather have that or would you rather have something like what sony does or what the r5 and r6 do?

Where you have a grip that can come off and you can put on
so it can get smaller in a bag? But the big question for all of us, is it as big as a d5 or a d6, or is it something that is more of a mirrorless camera with an integrated grip? Oh Boy, we understand the excitement but we just have to wait a little bit more to know how it is gonna be look like?

Now of course it’s a mirrorless camera but is it going to be smaller and
less thick, we mean it kind of looks like a d6 got in bed with a z6 and took some of the stuff from it but we will have to wait and see so what’s the price we don’t know the price yet but they did say that it will be available in fall of 2021 now here’s our guess.

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