So you just made a film, you think it is just fantastic and can be the next matrix or star wars. And with around 40 OTT Platforms your dream of finally screening it among an audience will be a cakewalk.  

Marketing Your Independent Film

Above is the list of OTT platforms as per Wikipedia 

But friends, as you know that Making Film is not an easy task. There was a time in Indian Cinema when independent filmmakers were thriving or we can say that thewy at least were getting recognization through government initiative methods like NFDC although even at that time it was not easy for an outsider to crack and fund films through NFDC still it was promoting a parallel cinema and giving them a platform to celebrate their creative freedom. 

As time passed from film-reels to digital HD visuals Indi Filmmakers got a new hope to shoot the films at low cost but still making it through the mainstream release remained the heavy task. 

And now with so many ott platforms, one may dream of producing and selling his film easily. Most popular OTT platforms like Netflix, zee5, AltBalaji, MX Player and Amazon Prime are most difficult to crack without aggregators. You can still approach other OTT platforms but your recovery of funds and reach will not be as vast as you can get at above mentioned OTT platforms. 

One may find many fake aggregators in India who will charge upfront fees to get your content across the popular OTT networks but you can hardly trust them.   

So with so much of a problem what is the hope for the Independent Filmmakers in India? The only hope is to keep no hope from OTT platforms.  

Set a budget for production and For Film Festivals 

Yes if you are a filmmaker you must make movies and tell a story, nothing should stop you from doing it. But you should also tell yourself that to market your Independent Film you still have to choose the way which goes via Film Festivals. So while you are calculating your budget you must include film festivals fees and your travel and staying expenses to attend those film festivals 

Marketing Vs Creativity 

You might have heard that you must think of marketing your film before going into production. You must know one thing while doing a film to justify your story with your visuals. If you do that properly and present your film to the maximum numbers of film-festivals and try to get it to screen it you have gone near to success  

Film Festivals are not easy but a great film will make it easy 

Even screening your film at large and famous film festivals will not be an easy task but if your content is good and you told a great story it will definitely get recognition and may get some genuine aggregators who can show interest to buy your film. So what you gotta do is to focus on your creative energy during making the film. 

independent Filmmakers The Journey Continues 

As I said it is good to dream about distributing your films but far important is to dream about making good content. For an Independent Film Maker, it was never easy to find a market. He had to make his own path and rules. That is the fun part of the journey. There is only one way for all of us and that is to go through film-festivals and keep our journey continue with the same enthusiasm  

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