How to make money with video skills

Artists are special – their life is more than to eating-sleeping and mating -they are creators. They perceive things differently their introverted nature helps them build new ideas. But in today’s age of tough competition to succeed you need to be more than just an artist; you must know the art of business.

While film schools gave us the tools for being productive it didn’t teach us how to survive with those skills.  It’s hard fact that if you have chosen filmmaking as your career you have to compete from the very first stage of entry and this competition starts from the spot boy who knew more practically than you do?

In our film industry, the tag of film-diploma doesn’t work you gotta start from the very first step unless you are born to Chopra’s or Khan’s. Most of the time work is there but without the perks.  With thousands of aspiring actors-directors-producers coming every week in Mumbai it continues to become a vast sea that can swallow down millions of dreams. If you are holding this book and reading these lines you know what I’m talking about and we don’t need to discuss more of it. But I have titled this chapter “Know things before you start”

and I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what your goal is in the filmmaking you may want to be an actor, an editor, a producer, a cinematographer or you may be a wedding photographer/ filmmaker all you need to understand that this book contains something for everyone. It will help you to achieve main objective of your life the by remaining in the same field as I have observed that most of the time artists choose jobs in call centers – shops- coffee shops etc to support themselves. But the goal that you want to achieve will be easier if you are doing the things that you love i.e. ‘filming videos’  

If you know few things that I am going to mention here you will definitely achieve your big goal by achieving the small goals step by step

Understand the opportunities and challenges 

01.  You must know that Industrial people always welcomed electronic communication, they just love it, and they admire it when their product and services are seen on the television.  It started with sponsored program on radio and it extended later to the television sets.

02.   Initially, the entry blockage was big. One needed huge investment to make a television commercial along with a good amount of money to telecast the advertisement film on the television. 

03.  The industrial leaders were taking an advantage of this communication channel but one who were not big enough had to wait for next 50 years till the time digital technology wave hit our world.

04.   Big- medium or small, every industry owner wants brand visibility they used different methods TV remained away from their pocket for a longer time but then came the internet and things started to transform.

05.  Initially getting one’s business on the website was just a fashion statement as people didn’t realize the power of the internet but after a while it became the necessity. If you had a business you needed a website address to attract –maintain- develop new clients. The website was providing all the information to its client- about its offered services/products/warranty and prices it made sale simple. It also helped clients to decide the pros-cons to do business with client or not.  The website graphics-images content reflected the brand philosophy of the company and a website became a great tool for marketing purposes. And it gave power to small-medium industry to make a mark in the arena of their work.

06.  Arrival of cable TV: – First I thought to skip this part as after the introduction of digitization of cable TV and Dish TVs –Tata Sky this medium is no longer helping small or medium scale businessmen to broadcast their content. But then I thought as we are discussing the mediums of communication that has impacted the communication strategies over the past few years it would be nice to share this part of history as ignoring it would mean loss of important information that can help us to learn more.  So When cable TV arrived to our television sets it was an unorganized sector. Slowly hatchway-Siti Tv –Intv etc company entered in the market and made things more regulated-services improved-billing improved. Slowly local shopkeepers –Educational Coaching centers become interested to contact these cable agencies to shoot their premises. Each of these company had their one private movie channel where they used to insert these local advertisements.  This generated lot of work for the filmmakers who kept their eyes opened and were aware of the market. But as this cable tv industry become more regulated only a few companies hold the market it became difficult for the local businesses to broadcast their content in low price and as a result once a growing trend of making videos among local shopkeepers and business entrepreneurs lost its charm. But as the one door closes the other doors is opened and this was a huge and massive giving an opportunity for everyone to broadcast their brand content and reach their target market and that too in a very low price. This created a buzz and today video production requirement is growing trend. We will discuss more about this new trend in upcoming chapters.   

    07. The online Video Market:   The online Video Market: When YouTube arrived nobody took it seriously it was like one more social networking website where one can connect with by sharing their videos. As few years passed YouTube become not just a video sharing website but become a largest growing search engine where people were searching for everything? You don’t know cooking just search it on the YouTube and you will find 100s of video tutorial teaching you how to cook your favourite dish. I mean the whole west was going crazy, even my email was bombarded with youtube bloggers but I didn’t know that they all are earning a good amount of money. When the monetization of content came there were only few takers who were involved in producing content for the Youtube and they knew what type of audience is watching YouTube and what kind of content needed to be broadcast to engage the audience. As content makers were making new content for youtube it was obvious for Youtube to monetize it ? As the statics went around companies and industries started to find it out that a lot of people are using youtube for entertainment –educational purpose  they started buying timeslot on the youtube which means they were ready to pay — and as a result today one has to wait at least for five seconds to watch the content …  But things just do not stop here.  YouTube not only helped industrialists to market their products and services but it also made a way to communicate with through their official videos. As the people search for different services it become easy for corporation to communicate through video message that attracts more clients.

 08.  Exhibition and Trade Fairs:   As the world boundaries diminished and global trade increased participating in the Exhibitions and Trade Fairs became more common. As the videos were the more interesting tool to communicate with their potential client a lot of exhibitors started playing their company profile on a large LCD television. Their client appreciated this easy flow of information which was easy to grab. And they could see moving images -close shots of the office machines whole working environment and can easily evaluate the company’s position to handle the project. It helped clients to choose the right partner and gave powerful tools to organizations to attract new customers.

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