Laxmi Bomb Film

The recent release film Laxmi Bomb once again proves that Bollywood is obsessed with Hinduphobia. We all have seen how on twitter people have run the campaign against the movie Laxmi. And it seemed that this was just another sentimental surge by rightwing people to upraise the unnecessary issues.  But now it seems that film actually try to sketch a wrong image of Hinduism.

The film is a remake of the 2011 Tamil film  Kanchana.  After introducing the horror plot film starts with the scene where a Hindu Baba who is of-course a fraud trying to cheat people. And then Asaif (Akshay Kumar) comes not only exposes the Hindu Baba but also teaches a Hindu Guy not to beat his Hindu wife. In this scene, the filmmaker tried his best to prove that the Hindu community is full of superstition and their women suffer from domestic violence due to their religion.   

As usual, Aasif is a practicing Muslim. Who happened to be a nice guy and upholds high moral values. Due to the high moral values, he chooses to marry a Hindu girl who otherwise will practice the mythology for the whole of her life like her uncle and family. He is also operating a society which aims to eradicate the superstition spread in the Hindu religion only. 

The film further shows how a Hindu Priest is unable to treat a paranormal situation. In another scene, the whole family is seen with all the pictures of Hindu God in a room but still scared is very offensive. The scene silently proves that the Hindu religious system is nothing but a myth. And film continues to mock the Hindu faith by making fun of Goddess Durga and the Jagaran culture of Hindus.   

Once the ghost enters the house decides to go to a Peer (Islamic Place) and Rational Asaif (Akshay Kumar) who was against the superstition not only visits the Peer place but accepts the treatment methodology suggested in the Peer and guess what? A Muslim Fakir now controls the ghosts and proves that Islam leads not only in humanity value but in spiritual power as well.  

The writers of the film do not stop here they bring the transgender issue and prove that every Hindu family treats transgender kids brutally. The Hindu family rejects the kid and then once again a Muslim comes to rescue the kid.

Ultimately the Muslim Fakir treats the paranormal situation but Aasif after knowing the story of the ghost decides to give shelter to a Hindu Ghost in his body and fights out the Hindu evil in the society who snatches the lands of transgender. 

The crux of the story is that Hinduism is the root cause of every problem. A Hindu father is cynical and religiously fanatic if he wishes her daughter to marry in the same religion. 

Wondering why Akshay Kumar did this movie haven’t he heard the film-story? He might have heard and still would not have found any wrong. As we as an audience have been served with all these fake issues for the last 60 years.  

The writer, director, and actor can be Hindus but still, they will feel nothing wrong in filming a hinduphobic film. It is because the cinema has designed a system over the last fifty years with an agenda of dividing the Hindus in the name of castism.      

In this system, they have been brainwashed by the cinema-literature and intellectuals. That Hinduism is nothing but a hodgepodge system where its own people don’t have faith in its system. 

How can we change this system? The only way to change this system is to sincerely follow your religious faith read Bhagavad Gita (You can start with Bhagavad Gita as it is by Srila Prabhupada) and of-course by rejecting such movie.  

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