How to Pitch for TV Show

So you want to pitch your next Web-Series. Doesn’t matter what medium you are targeting. The lessons we are going to be focusing on your one-sheet, your one-sheet, or sometimes referred to as a pitch sheet. 

It is the calling card one page summary of everything one needs to know about your series or show. This article will walk you through eight key questions to help you build your Pitch or One-sheet for your next show. 

These questions are a simple exercise that will help to get you thinking more like a writer-producer and to get more specific we will expand on

these questions in the next section so make sure to record the number of your answer. 

01. The genre of your Show

 It is very important to decide what is the genre of your series /

show. Is it a drama-comedy, thriller sci-fi, reality drama?  

02 Content of your Serial Standalone or Serial 

Number two is your content serial or standalone. Is your storyline

Continuously it usually means that one episode leads to the next and the audience will have to follow each episode to understand the whole story? 

 if so then your show or is series is called a storyline-based show. 

If someone can tune in to one episode and not need to watch the others to get your show then your show will be in the category of standalone as each episode will be telling its own stories. 

03 Any Reference of existing web series to a current TV show or film

It would be great if you help your producer to know what would it be once it reaches the screen. For example, Supernatural meets Van Helsing. It is done so that potential producers/people able to understand the tone and idea of your show right away. As many of the people you will be pitching to your show are not creatives they need more of a picture painted for them to understand the tone and idea of your show this is what we call a traditional reference. 

04 what is your logline

A logline means that story is summarized in no more than two sentences. It can be a fun or a terrible experience. But if you are totally into your story and you have lived it day and night it should not be difficult for your to come up with the Logline. The best way is to read the novel covers and visit IMDB stores to understand how one line is important for your show.   

05 Summary of your show 

Summarize your show try to limit your summary to 400 to 600 words. Writing a full-length story is challenging but writing summaries is far more challenging. It must be enough captivating so that it can hook your reader. It is time you present your story which you want to tell. If you are writing the summary of Episodes you better consider first writing a summary of 10 pages and then further summarize it into one page. 

 6 Target Audience 

Ask this question to yourself -who is your audience? what is the

demographic of your audience? what is their age, sex ethnicity geographical location, etc. 

7 What are the Selling points of your Show 

If you thought that being just a writer is enough well it is not you need to be a good salesman as well. Note dow the list of selling points for your


8 Your Bio & Contact Information 

Hey and you want to make sure that your name-contact number and a little brief about yourself should also be mentioned in the document.  

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