How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube
How to make money on YouTube.

There are tons of articles and YouTube videos out there about, how to make money from YouTube or YouTube videos. However, those are not bad at all, all are informative but not in a proper pattern which makes confusion means to know what to do first and what to do second. So, let us learn how to make money on YouTube from top to bottom. Now first thing first before coming to the money-making part, let us understand the three things.

Five Things Must Know Before Making A YouTube Channel

  1. Purpose of your channel.
  2. Are you good at it?
  3. What is unique about your channel or content?
  4. Consistency
  5. Social media advertising

if you know these three things it means your halfway is done and you are ready to make content. Let us discuss the importance of these. 

Purpose Of Your Channel

How To Make Money On YouTube
Purpose of your channel

Before starting anything, any work, business, or any sort of activity, if you don’t know the purpose of it then you will never able to achieve it. It’s like you are driving in your car but don’t know where to go. So, what is your purpose in making a YouTube video, is that money or you want to share some skills, some moment of your life or something else. If you know the purpose then explore it as much as possible to its extreme point. As an example, I am a video editor and the purpose of the YouTube channel is to make tutorials on video editing then start making videos on every aspect of video editing. But don’t change that direction or purpose because when you start making videos on video editing then it gathers those audiences who are interested in video editing.

Your subscribers are connected with you with video editing and suppose you make a video on something else like singing then what your subscriber will do with that singing video, will be meaningless for them. So, the purpose of a channel is very important to find out your particular audience.

Are You Good At It?  

How To Make Money On YouTube
Are you good at it?

It is very simple to understand if you are not good at the purpose and you have chosen that then why other people watch your video or follow you. As an example, if you are not good at video editing then why a person interested in video editing watch your videos or subscribe to your channel. So, always choose what you are best of, assume that if I am a vlogger but nothing is interesting in my daily life, doing a corporate job, 9 to 6 office timing every day. What the point to watch that video? But in reverse, I travel a lot and making travel videos people will watch my video for travelling.

What Is Unique About Your Channel Or Content? 

How To Make Money On YouTube
What is unique about your channel or content?

If YouTube 500 channels are making videos in different content, then why people watch your videos not others. But if you have some uniqueness in your videos like every week you take live webinar or you help them to make a carrier in video editing then this uniqueness will attract people towards your contents. So, you have to find out that uniqueness and exerted it. If your study other popular channels then you will find out some uniqueness and why people like their video.


How To Make Money On YouTube

Always be consistent about your content means if you make two videos every week then maintain that consistency because it shows your seriousness about your work and also helps in YouTube algorithms. YouTube algorithms always boost those channel that has consistency in their content uploading. So, make sure that your will able to consistent with your content uploading.

Social Media Advertising

How To Make Money On YouTube
Social media advertising.

Social media is now a key to quick success or you can say a cheap or free advertisement platform. It is the easiest way to connect with the audiences you want for your YouTube channel. Especially at the initial stage, it will help you a lot. You can share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to get maximum views and subscribers. And once you get popular then people will automatically follow you.

6 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

Now here comes the best part which people like the most that is how do you earn money from YouTube but before getting into the topic always keep remember that YouTube has some policies for monetization policies, advertising policies and copyright policies which you must have to follow other you will face a policy violation strike. Below we will discuss some of the tips that help you to earn money from YouTube.

1. YouTube Partner Program

How To Make Money On YouTube
YouTube partner program

YouTube offers an opportunity to money from your YouTube video being associated with the YouTube partner program. To being associate with a YouTube partner program it has certain criteria which YouTube change from time to time. 

For example,

  • If you follow all the YouTube Partner Program policies.
  • If you live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • And if you have more than 4,000 public watch hours.
  • And also, have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Also, have a linked AdSense account.
How To Make Money On YouTube
YouTube partner program

then you can be able to associate with the YouTube partner program and once you associated, YouTube will place Ads on your videos. Those Ads will generate a small amount of revenue which you will get through the Google AdSense account, for that reason AdSense account is important.

How to enable Monetization:

How To Make Money On YouTube

A monetization is an option that you have to unable to, for that go to the “Account Information” menu and click “Creator Studio”. In the Creator Studio menu select “Channel” and then “Status and features”. Finally, you can see an option “Enable Monetization”, agree to the agreement, and enable the monetization.

2. Get Sponsorship

How To Make Money On YouTube
Get sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the greatest ways to earn money from YouTube videos without any cut-out or middle-man (YouTube) but it requires higher numbers of viewers in your videos. Many big companies are willing to use your audience which you have created, for the promotion of their brand and products. They pay for it, sponsor your videos for promoting their brand and products. For example, you have a video production channel in which you also review equipment used in video production and your channel have 1M subscribers with 1 lakh views per video. So, in that case, companies like Godox, Aperture, Canon, Sony etc which are related to the video production line will approach you to review their upcoming products and they will also pay. 

How To Make Money On YouTube
Get sponsored

It’s not true that Only higher subscriber channels must get the sponsorship. A small channel with an average subscriber can also get the sponsorship. Here is the list of some sites where you can get sponsorships.

  • Famebit – (Brands like Canon, Sony, Adidas)
  • Grapevine – (Brands like Walgreens, NYX, Remington)
  • Content BLVD – (Brands like Urban Decay, Skin & Co, Gorgeous Cosmetics)
  • Channel Pages – (Brands like Any)
  • AspireIQ – (Brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Marriott, Walmart, Nike Swim)

and so on.

3. Sell Merchandise

How To Make Money On YouTube
Sell Merchandise

Sell Merchandise is also a great source to earn money from YouTube but before that, we have to understand that what is it? People love to buy products like T-shirts, Mug, Bag etc. with a name or logo of their favorite YouTube but for that, you don’t have to print all those things by yourself. You just have to sign up such sites, those offering such services, some of the renowned sites are: 

How To Make Money On YouTube
Sell Merchandise

Merchandise is now very popular in YouTubers and people are loving that. And what is the best part of it? Is that you don’t have to make any of these merchandise products. This company will make it, store it and also deliver it, you just have to make few clicks.  

Now, there is a question that how they make their money? Whenever you sell a product, they will take a percentage of it. How much you can earn from that? let’s see some figures of average monthly product sales revenue from the world’s top YouTube: 

  • PewDiePie : $6,834,645
  • Dude Perfect: $2,957,950
  • VanossGaming: $2,281,315
  • DanDTM: $2,207,725
  • JuegaGerman: $1,956,575
  • Markiplier: $1,783,195
  • Collins Key: $1,780,780
  • Atta Halilintar: $1,426,575
  • Jacksepticeye: $1,414,150
  • Smosh: $1,371,805
  • ElrubiusOMG: $1,343,090
  • Jake Paul: $1,291,810
  • Logan Paul Vlogs: $847,295
  • JennaMarbles: $565,460
  • MrBeast: $504,210
  • PTXofficial: $322,105

4. People Funding With Patreon

How To Make Money On YouTube

Patreon is a website created by a YouTube musician Jack Conte in 2013, who comes with an idea where your fan can pay directly for the content, he is giving them. Nowadays, Patreon becomes very popular among YouTubers. It comes with a simple idea of paying directly by your fans for your service and gives you constant money.

How To Make Money On YouTube

In Patreon, which is a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite YouTube creator or other creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey. In simple words, you can say that fans pay a salary to their favorite content creators in exchange for something extra like extra content, some access to music, video content.

5. Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money On YouTube
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also very popular in YouTubers but what is it? Affiliate marketing is like a middle man, like a middle man you sell someone else product and earn a small percentage of revenue from it. 

Let take an example, I am a YouTuber and enrolled on the affiliate program of Amazon so whenever I make a video, I use to put some affiliate links of products that I used in my videos in the description. Now, if anyone buys those products from that given links then I will get a percentage of it.

How To Make Money On YouTube
Affiliate Marketing

You can say that you are getting a commission for selling other products but the best part is it has 0% of the risk. You don’t have to pay to enroll with any affiliate program. Now, let us see some popular affiliate program in India:

6. Selling Videos Or Your Own Products

How To Make Money On YouTube
Selling Videos

There are so many Youtuber who sell their products through their channel. YouTube has almost 1.5 billion active users every month so it is the best market to sell what you have. If you are a pot maker or a fashion designer or a videographer if you have a product to sell then just make a video on it. And also, a website so that people can buy it from there. You can see that there so many YouTubers are selling video presets pack, Colo grading Luts pack even courses also on YouTube because it is the biggest market ever. 

How To Make Money On YouTube
Your Own Products

If you are still thinking of making a YouTube channel and earning money from it then don’t think just do it. Just believe in yourself, be patient, and try to create good content.

If you want to know about what are the best budget gears for making YouTube videos. Check out the link below.


By Rajib Sinha

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