sony fx3
Sony FX3
Sony FX3

About Sony’s New Release

Sony has just announced its new camera which looks like a mirrorless camera but he introduces it as a cinema camera. After a great success of its last two cameras of both categories mirrorless DSLR and cine camera line that is A7sIII and FX6, Sony is experimenting with its new upcoming model FX3. After knowing its overall specification and design you can find that it as an in-between option of A7sIII and FX6.

Sony FX3
Sony FX 3

After the announcement of FX3, some people are confused, some say it’s a copy of A7sIII because its specification is the same as A7sIII. Also, it seems that people are not excited about it. But it is not like that. With FX3 Sony take the standard of mirrorless cameras to a next level or we consider it as a revolutionary step for a mirrorless camera.

Sony FX3
New Design for Filmmakers

Yes, I agree that it still has room for improvement but we have to understand that it is the 1st of its kind. Now, it will be very interesting to see how much Sony put its price for consumers.

How Sony FX3 is different from A7S III?

As we have seen the model of FX3, its design is pretty identical to the alfa series. Let discuss the differences between them:

Sony FX3
New Features
  • Cageless body: Using a DSLR for a video shoot, we required some mounting option to mount accessories and though we required a cage for it. But in FX3 there is no required for such cages, it has multiple threads hole for mounting accessories and make it cageless. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry and its magnesium alloy body makes it lightweight, durable.
  • XLR ports: FX3 comes with a handle with XLR ports which makes it a videographer’s camera. The handle allows you to carry the camera easily and allow you to take some great handheld shoots with it. And XLR ports give you to take a pro-level audio recording with it.
Sony FX3
New Features
  • Rear and Front Tally Lamps: In traditional cameras, we have only one indicator light to indicate whether its recording or not. But FX3 has an indicator in from, rear and top of the camera which gives you a clear recording indication for the camera person and others.
  • Body Design: Sony designs the body or button of FX3 from the perspective of a videographer. The placement of some buttons is charged from it a traditional place in mirrorless cameras like a menu button, Power button, joystick at the top, six additional customisable buttons and at last new zoom button make it different from other mirrorless cameras.
  • No Viewfinder: Sony doesn’t give an option of the viewfinder in it; I don’t know why because in all the cine cameras viewfinder is there. Hopefully, Sony makes a way for it in future.
  • Cooling fan: Cooling fan is a great feature adding in Sony FX3 because it increases its uninterrupted recording capability in challenging places. Sony FX3 and A7sIII both cameras are capable to shoot 4k 60p with uninterrupted shooting limits.
Sony FX3


As per my perspective no doubt FX3 is a great camera or A7sIII in an upgraded body but still it has a lot of room to become a cine line camera like Shutter angle option, In-built filters etc. As per my opinion, if anybody already has a Sony A7sIII. I don’t think that he needs to upgrade it to FX3 but if someone planning to buy A7sIII as a videographer then FX3 is a great choice.

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By Rajib Sinha

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