Hacking the food

Our Food is Poison

As I am writing this article many of us are aware that the harmful chemicals and pesticides largely infest our food.  But somehow we are not doing anything about it. It seems as if our brain has been controlled and we know that it is wrong but we can’t do anything about it.  The most important part of our life ‘food” has become the least significant thing for us.

Farmers are leaving Agriculture

The second generation of farmers is leaving agriculture and opting to work in the factories and cities. The thick layers of materialism, which have transformed all of us into users, have converted us into robots, which are controlled media, television, cinema, and pseudoscience.  

Hacking the food I सिस्टम चाहता है की आप ये वीडियो न देखे I Cancer I Disease & Poisonous Food

A few companies in the name of developing food science, saving our crops from infections and worms have now taken full control of your food.  The vegetables-Fruits-Grains everything has turned into a harmful poison. 

The system wants you to believe that modern science is the foremost way of a fulfilling life.  They’ve been successful in making us all fool that washing powder, washing machines, air conditioners, cars, mobiles will make us all happy

You are just a user a commodity

They have attacked our traditional medicines, wisdom, and our way of life by promising a good harvest, good health, and good life. But today we know that all that has turned into a disaster.  They have already controlled the food because they knew that food is money, food is real wealth.  Even though we know that we cannot eat nuts and bolts.  The materialism has made us fall in a deep pit from where it has become almost impossible for us to save ourselves.  Most of our generation is suffering from depression, anxiety, complex body disease.  Because our body is not designed to take such mental stress it was made to align with nature and walk beside it.  But modern economic development has turned our society into a consumer and they know how to control our behaviors for the maximum profits.  In such a profit-making society why do you expect that a farmer or vegetable seller has the responsibility to provide you the best, original, pure food to you and that too at a cost decided for him?  

The Nexus of Science & Disease   

The most amazing thing is that the companies who were leading initially in developing the pesticides, poisons, and urea, the very same companies are today building medicines for cancer treatment. It is a chronology if you can understand it. In the name of the green revolution, they brought a deadly technology, which of course gave its results in the beginning.  But the harmful reaction of relying upon them resulted in the loss of natural fertility, the hybrid seeds can give you more fruits but it cannot fight from infections and you need pesticides and that too in a large quantity every time than before.

The farming, which was once the noble work and farmers felt proud, has now feel trapped in this nexus of modern agriculture.  This increased the expenditure so much for a farmer that he had to take a loan and entrapped in this situation he had no other option but to commit the suicide. 

Controlling your Food  

In the USA a major pesticide company that also produces GMO (Genetically modified organisms) is also a major player in manufacturing the hybrid seeds. Not just the USA but in India as well, they are one of the biggest players.  If you go on and visit the WHO website and search for GMO they will tell you all the fancy stories about why we need GMO and how the GMO is required for nutrition. 

Most of us have always believed in what WHO says but we have now practically seen how the life of cows and human beings have shortened due to using the modified foods. 

This can be debatable but what important is to know that more and more farmers are losing their control on the seeds. The same seeds which were originally produced by nature and never took a patent upon it.   But then they invented the word ‘Science’ they told us that your way of doing agriculture is old and unscientific use our method and soon the independent farmers become the salves of the system.  They first came in the name of saving your crops from bugs and pests, then they introduced chemicals that increase the power of the land and then they give you the hybrid seeds, and now they are giving you the patent seeds. This will continue until the last farmer surrenders to them.  In India, farmers are not educated giving them seed free for the first time is easy later the same farmer will buy the seed at a double price even if he tries to go back to traditional farming it will be a hard journey for him because till then he has already spoiled his land.  This is a vicious cycle that lefts nothing in the hands of the farmers in the end they choose to commit suicide.    

Just imagine a world where no one can grow anything without buying it from these corporate companies.  While you are writing codes for software, making a machine for the manufacturing industry in exchange for currency while you are engaged in watching the movie they are controlling your food. The food, which is the basic source of your survival and life, you will be having no right on this. 

But there is a resistance rising against these companies.  Some people are organically cultivating the crops and producing good food for all using the very indigenous seeds, cows, and cultivation methods to provide all humanity its very right to have good food and good health.  In this section, we will research, acquire knowledge and do practical training for becoming self-reliant and by doing this we not just hack the food but we hack the system which wants us to be their slave work for them.