In the series of Hacking the food, Reverse Tree brought you the efforts done by the people to become self-sufficient. In this video, we met with few Hare Krishna devotees of Punjabi Baag Iskcon temple who are now trying their hand in organic and natural based agriculture.

Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada wanted to establish a Varan-Asharam system to spread the Vedic teachings all over the world. In his teachings, Srila Prabhupada several times Srila Prabhupada mentioned that his devotees should inspire to live a simple life and cultivate high thinking by absorbing his time in the devotional service.

On many occasions, Srila Prabhupada said that “His fifty percent work is still pending, “that is to establish the Farm Community. Through these farm community, he wanted to introduce the divine Varana Asharam system.

He asked his devotees to quit the demonic city life and choose a life where one can grow his own food and be self-sufficient. He said that if one has some piece of land and a cow he can maintain his family by growing some food and make his life successful by becoming Krishna Consciousness.

This is a story of few devotees who acquired training from Aakash Chaurasia in the matter of natural agriculture and trying to implement his methods to become self-sufficient.

We have seen that there are farm communities but they are mostly dependent upon the donation system. But to sustain for a longer time devotees must aspire themselves to become experts in agriculture and not just become self-sufficient but gave a message to the whole world that there is no need to transmigrate to cities to live a happy life which is also full of Krishna Consciousness

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