best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites

Royalty Free Music

You just started taming with YouTube and want to upload videos to the platform. But don’t know where to look for copyright-free songs. You can take a look here at your 5 places where you can get copyright-free sounds or songs.

The issue of copyright or copyright, especially for YouTubers, is the main problem. Apart from stealing mistakes, it will also give the impression of your video monetization. This means if the song you are using has been shown to have violated the copyright, at the same time the video may not protect your ‘money’ or income than the video will be presented with the owner of the song in the form of royalties.

You are tired of making videos, editing all videos, looking at copyrighted videos and also paying royalties to the song’s owner. Make it tired.

But that may be a problem that can be accepted again, but if it is always very applicable, there is a possibility for the video to be fired by YouTube so that your YouTube account can be closed. It’s hard, right?

So, to prevent these things from happening, don’t use this copyrighted song. You can see here 5 places to get copyright-free songs or sounds.


You can get copyright-free songs on YouTube NoCopyrightSound on YouTube. Here you are free to use it to produce video content on YouTube, Twitch or anywhere else. NoCopyrightSounds provides songs with a simple duration that is 3-4 minutes long. So, it’s suitable for YouTube videos.

best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites

As a tribute to him, a little credit to the original song in the subscription section of your YouTube video. That’s good. The important thing is the download is free!

Download Links:

Vlog No Copyright Music:

This is again a place for you to get Copyright-free songs, namely on the YouTube Vlog No Copyright Music channel. This place is suitable for YouTubers who focus on vlogs that live up to their name. You can download the songs you are interested in without worrying about copyright issues. Here, they will upload new songs every week. I can check it out later for nothing.

best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites
Vlog No Copyright Music

Download Link:

YouTube Audio Library:

Apart from other places outside, YouTube itself provides copyright-free songs through the YouTube Audio Library. Apart from long songs, here you can also get the impression of sounds such as the sound of birds, the sound of motorbikes, the sound of people walking and so on. So, if YouTube provides this place, it’s safe. That’s the answer. There are also many choices given. You can try later.

best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites
YouTube Audio Library

Download Link:

Free Music Archive:

The features provided are the same as on YouTube Audio Library but on the Free, Music Archive-it provides more copyright-free songs and sound impressions. You are free to download the songs and use them to produce YouTube content and of course, you are free from copyright issues when using the songs in this FMA.

best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites
Free Music Archive

Download Link:


The next place you can get songs, sounds, copyright-free sounds is on the boundary. There are no royalties that you need to pay to the owner of the song, which means you are free to use it on YouTube or everywhere you upload videos. But what’s the problem for a little credit in the description section, right?

best free music for youtube videos – top 5 sites

There are also many songs provided here, starting from cinematic sounds, songs, electronics, so that the sound effects. You need to choose only. It’s useless!

Download Link:

If your looking for free sound effects for your video then click on the link given:

By Rajib Sinha

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