Free Cinematic LUTS Pack

Free Cinematic LUTS
Free Cinematic Luts Pack

Reverse Tree Media is introducing a new LUTS pack completely free for all. This LUTS pack not only includes LUTS but also include utility LUTS, film grains and Black-Bar layer. Very important for the colour-grading process. If you want to know about LUTS and want to download our previous cinematic LUTS pack which is also free, you can check out the link.


What Does This Free Cinematic LUTS Pack Include?

Now let us talk about the LUTS pack. First of all, it has 56 free different LUTS for different scenarios like wedding, T.V commercial, Travelling videos, Landscape, Rec.709 and so on. It also includes some utility LUTS and film grain overlays of 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and cinematic black bar PNG file of ratio 2.35:1, which help you to create a more cinematic look quickly and save a ton of time. 

Free Cinematic LUTS
Free Cinematic Luts Pack

How to Use LUTS Effectively?

To use LUTS effectively you have to understand the footage first, which means whether your footage is 10-bit, 8-bit footage, Raw or S-log2, S-log3, standard. Because these things create a huge difference in the colour grading process. If your footage is 10-bit it means you can push the colours to their extreme level but if it is 8-bit then you have to handle it gently. Same as with log, in log footage, you can retain maximum details from highlight and shadows but in standard footages, it is very hard to retain those details. 

Sample Images of Free Cinematic Luts:

Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Cine teal 3
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Cine warm 2
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Commercial 3
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Commercial 7

These things also matter when you are using LUTS. So, the most important point is that if your footage is 8-bit or standard, you have to use the LUTS or its intensity to the minimum level. Always keep in mind the below points while using any LUTS:

  1. Colour-Correct the Footage First: Before using any LUTS always colour correct your footage means adjusting the White-balance, Highlights, Contrast and Shadows. Don’t apply directly the LUTS to your footage.
  2. Use LUTS In Different Layer: Always use a separate layer for LUTS, which means LUTS for one single layer and colour correction for another single layer. In that way, you will not get confused while fine-tuning the colours. Always make it organised.
  3.  8-bit and standard footage: In 8-bit or standard footage always use LUTS to its minimum intensity because less bit rate means less information so you have to push it gently and same as with standard colour profile image. For that reason, professionals use 10-bit, 16-bit, Raw, slog, such footage to get more room for work.
  4. Finetune: Most people just drag and drop the LUTS but remember LUTS are not perfect, it is just like a jump to some extent or a shortcut. But to get the best result you always fine-tune the colour by adjusting the highlight, contrast, saturation and others in the Colour-Correction layer.
  5. Too much is not good: Too much means not using too much colour in the colour grading process because it seems unrealistic. This is the most common mistake done by amateurs or beginners. 
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Wedding 2
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Wedding 9

How to Use Film Grain Overlays?

Film grain overlays are simple video clips. You have to just drag and drop the grain layer to your main footage and charges the opacity into the Overlay. You can make the grain intensity by adjusting the opacity value. Film grain makes footage more cinematic and Film appeal.

Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Land 00
Free Cinematic LUTS
LUTs: Land 04


By Rajib Sinha

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