Food is Money Get it back!

As discussed in the last video “Hacking the Food”
we today understand that the Green -Revolution didn’t help our farming and farmers.

It might have provided some temporary relief, but it has caused a bigger disaster in terms of soil spoilation and expensive farming. The same will go with GMO (Genetically modified organisms) integrated farming. Modern science itself claims that it is not a perfect science. Modern science is designed by imperfect humans beings. Since we are not perfect any process we choose or build will have an imperfect result.

The new agriculture which is based upon the chemical has only resulted in the destruction of soil -water and create pollution. The ever-rising cases of cancer in Punjab and other parts of India is also an example of how artificial agricultural techniques only have created havoc in our lives.

The nature is perfect. Our ancient technique which was preserved by our ancestors has now been revived by few. From Rajiv Dikshit to Baba Ramdev we all know their contribution towards natural agriculture. Aakash Chaurasia is such a famous name who is providing guidance and training to farmers.

We are seeing a large awakening in the people about organic food. People have recently seen the corona epidemic and have realized that food is real wealth.

A great Saint A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada predicted that a large number of people will join the Farm Communities. They will choose simple living and high thinking.

The quest for pure food and how a person can grow their food ended when we met Kapil Mandawewala. Who is helping people to grow their own food?

Kapil Manawewla is the founder of Edible routes
which helping people to train for the cultivating vegetables on their roof/balcony and as well providing small lands on the lease for the one who wants to take experience in farming.

We met a few very enthusiastic people at edible routes Dhamali Farms at Gurugram who are now the part of Edible routes family and growing their own food. All of them very happy and satisfied to see that they are eating food which is safe for their health and this is also connecting them back to nature.


The above video will take you to the journey towards the edible routes who are providing city people to connect back to nature take back what belongs to them

Abhishek Bhardwaj