BTS on 21st May released their new monster single “Butter”, We did not know what to expect from Butter when Bts started dropping the teasers for the song and music video, but this track definitely surpassed all our expectations. So in this article, we will understand why butter is a smash hit. Hype premiered the Bts butter music video on their youtube channel at around 11:45 eastern time Thursday, May 20th. During the live youtube premiere, there were over 3.89 million concurrent viewers and within an hour the music video had already amassed an incredible 21 million views.

The Butter music video has also surpassed dynamite’s previous youtube records. Dynamite accumulated 10 million views in 21 minutes while Butter amassed 10 million views in just 13 minutes. The Butter music video also received an incredible 1 million youtube likes in 45 minutes the fastest music video to achieve this since Bts’s life goes on Bts’s dynamite surpassed about 100.1 million views in 24 hours and butter accumulated 53million views in its first seven hours so it’s possible that it will overtake dynamite’s record of the most youtube views within 24 hours. In addition to its youtube views butter is also topping both Korean and international charts.

BTS Butter


Bts’s dynamite has gained so much international attention becoming a favorite among the Army(the name given to fans of BTS) and non-Bts fans alike and even securing a Grammy nomination so why not try to duplicate or better yet perfect that formula. Butter’s success is its slight similarity to Dynamite. All retro themes are extremely popular in music right now whether it’s in Kpop or in western music. Bts’s dynamite was able to capitalize on that trend by producing a single with 70s disco and funk influences. Bruno Mars from the west also focuses on retro themes and many other artists. Butter also has a nostalgic retro theme but this time instead of paying homage to the 70s, in my opinion, there seems to be more of a focus on 80s funk and pop influences like Queen or Prince. Particularly use of synth bass and Lead synth of the early ’80s or ’90s.

While listening to butter you might feel a bit nostalgic since the retro vibe of the song may remind you of Dynamite or even Boy with love but at the same time, it feels and sounds very different fresh. Like Dynamite butter’s lyrics are completely in English and although the lyrics are different they deliver the same carefree fun summer vibe that dynamite did, so effortlessly butter is another fun summer anthem but the lyrics are a little smoother and flirtier than dynamite. 

The visuals of the music video may remind you of Dynamite as well the colors are very bright and eye-catching and the transitions between scenes are very smooth, the styling feels very fun and retro but modern and fresh at the same time and some of the choreography feels retro as well with some of the members dancing and paying homage to music legends like Michael Jackson. There are also a few scenes that focus on dance breaks and feel a lot like the dance break scenes in Dynamite so in short, butter almost feels like a sequel to dynamite. 

There is no overbearing auto-tune in Butter. You could really hear the color of each member’s voices which is really important especially for the vocal line since Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook all have voices that sound very different from each other. Dynamite the use of autotune almost completely overpowered their voices particularly for V, but vocals in Butter are great. Don’t forget about their Adlibs. BTS always put great adlibs of Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin that give great texture to the song and make the song more filled. They very much focus on adlibs. 

The song arrangement is great. The high energy is maintained without introducing a slow bridge section. Instead the introduced Rap Part with changed instrumentation which makes the song new every time and makes it more groovy and funky.

The composition is just perfect. Butter is an all-English song and despite that, the lyrics are great and don’t feel awkward at all like some of their songs. Smooth like butter is a line that will get stuck in people’s heads and will really cause this song to catch on and gain attraction in the music charts. There are also a lot of really cool pop culture references like ‘don’t need no usher’ to remind, ‘you got it bad’ and ‘highlight the moon rock with me baby ‘ reference to Michael Jackson. RM shout out to Army, got army right behind us. It’s catchy and fun which is what you need from a summer anthem. 

Variety in their songs and good sound selection makes their song stand apart from the mainstream song. Singing part, Rap part in a single song, and good instrumentation make this song a banger.

BTS Butter

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