Best Way To Work With Independent Artists

There are millions of music producer, songwriters, singers etc. throughout the world, looking for a good opportunity to showcase their talent and pursue their dreams.

In the beginning, everyone is not a big star. You have to showcase your talent to the world so that somebody would be really interested in signing you. And for that you want someone who can fill remaining part for making a great song. For producer, they need singer, songwriter and for singers and songwriter its opposite of it. If you are capable in doing all the things then that’s great. But if you want to work with other artist then this blog is for you.

So first thing is to find someone with whom you can work with. Someone who is enthusiast to work in collaboration and not aiming for money in beginning. If you are producer then you would need singer/songwriter with whom you can produce songs and release them on different streaming platform or vice versa.

So how to find a good artist, whether be a singer/songwriter, producer, musician etc.

  • Contacting them using social media – Artists are out there on social media posting their content to get recognize. So best way is finding artists or producer with word indie on their profile. Just search indie artists or #indie or #upcomingrapper something like this on twitter, instagram etc. Make target to dm at least 10 artist. This a quite time consuming but this is the only process you can contact them. You can also search on spotify by writing gmail on search bar and you will get artists whosoever have put their gmail id on profile.
  • Building relationship- After getting list of artist its now to write a beautiful request. You should write something like this, ‘ Hey, I am music Producer from California and I am looking for talented singer/songwriters for a collab project. Here are some of my works you can listen to. Hoping for an amazing collab on a song. So just hit me up here and I will be ready to work on a project with you.’ Something like this. If artist accepts your request then initiate friendly conversation by listening to his stuff and appreciating his/her work and try to clarify all the things in the beginning that we are not doing business transaction. We are trying to produce some good songs so that we can help each other to pursue our dreams. If you dont make these things clear in beginning, then project will not turn out good.
  • Friendly Talks- Throughout the project initiate friendly talks by talking about artists interest, dreams and try to motivate him to persevere. It should not be just all talking about project as these things are dry and for building long lasting relationship, we have bring emotional content to our conversation.
  • Keep up the enthusiasm- And as you finish your song and going to release on spotify, Apple Music, youtube, its not sure that your song will become viral in first go. So dont get disappointed and make the artist enthusiasm intact so that you both learn from your past and and improve yourself on your next song.

I have worked with Independent Artist named Tanay Gagarani. Below is a podcast where you can listen to our journey of releasing our Song Recluse

Live Performance of Latest Song by Tanay Gagarani(Indei Song,Indie Artist)Independent Artist Podcast

So above is the best way to work with Independent Artist

I am enthusiast music producer and one of the creators at reverse tree media.

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