Best Horror Films on Netflix

Best Horror films on Netflix! Netflix is becoming an indispensable part of movie fans who want to watch a lot of movies at home. In this blog, we are introducing recommended works carefully selected by genre for those who want to know which one is interesting after all among such Netflix distribution works. 

Netflix is quite dynamic it continues to add or remove titles. So if you do not find a list of Horror films on Netflix that we mentioned here please excuse us.  

You can always find these Horror films on Netflix or on any other platform. As a viewer, we are presenting you with the best horror films that you must watch on Netflix. 

But we hope you will apperciate our efforts in bringing you the best Horror Films on Netflix. The theme this time is the best horror movies on Netflix. So let us start our journey by introducing the scariest movies that will fill your mood with scary things!

 Here is a quick list of the scariest and of-course best horror films on Netflix.  

Aterrados (Terrified) Spanish 


Cabin in the Woods

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Don’t Breathe

47 Meters Down

Aterrados (Terrified) Spanish (Best Horror Film on NetFlix)

2017 Argentina

Director: Demián Rugna

Starring: Maxim Guyone, Norbert Gonzalo

A shot from Aterrados (2017) The Best Horror Film on Netflix

A series of paranormal phenomena occur in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. A ghostly voice was heard from the drain. An already dead boy who walked back to his home. “Something” that emerges from the mid-night. 

A police officer who embarks on an investigation with a psychic phenomenon expert will experience a terrifying horror. This is remarkable Indie horror from Argentina. It is a unique and maniac item that has not been released to the theater. The unique atmosphere that is different from mainstream Hollywood in terms of direction and composition is very engaging.

The unique production that draws the “existences of different dimensions exist in the same place at the same time” in occult horror morphology is also excellently presented in the movie. The balance between shock-jump scare and psychological elements turns this into an exquisite piece. A must-watch and what a hidden masterpiece.

The Mist (Best Horror Film on NetFlix)

2007 USA

Director: Frank Darabont

Starring: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden

The Mist (2007) Best Horror Film on Netflix

The town was suddenly covered in fog. And strange monsters that appeared from the fog begin to kill humans one after another. Shoppers who happened to come to the supermarket couldn’t go home and were forced to live in the store. However, the situation did not improve even after waiting, and a strange cult group gradually emerged among the survivors whose despair spreads. The conflicts between the characters and personalities grip the audience and they stick with it till the end.

Cabin In The Woods (Best Horror Film on NetFlix)

2011 USA

Director: Drew Goddard

Starring: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth

Cabin in the Woods Best horror film on Netflix

In a hut in the mountains, A group of young people having a great time realizes that they never knew the whole story. A three-sentence movie that faithfully traces the tradition and promise of so-called cabin horror. It is a super-strong gripping movie that is seldom seen in movie history. “LOST” writer Drew Goddart and “Avengers” director Joss Whedon’s twists and turns explode it at every turn. This is a masterpiece that all “horror movie fans” should watch.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Best Horror Film on NetFlix)

2017 Russia

Director: Andre ovredal

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Best Horror film on Netflix

An unidentified female corpse was found at the scene of a horrific murder. The corpse is unnaturally in good condition, rather too beautiful to know the cause of death. Moreover, the involvement with the incident is completely unknown. The two doctors attempt a judicial autopsy to unravel the facts, but eventually, eerie facts are revealed one after another …! A ghost story about a corpse. Almost the whole story goes on in the underground morgue, so the feeling of blockage is not a bump or slows down the pace of the film. The originality of the production design makes it refreshing and holds the attention of the audience.  

As the title suggests, there are many vivid anatomical scenes, and the most disturbing highlight is that the realistic internal organs are shown on the screen. The story begins with forensic medicine, and the story gradually shifts to the occult. It a must-watch horror film that gonna give you a certain sleepless night.   

Don’t Breathe (Best Horror Film on NetFlix)

2016 USA

Director: Fede Alvarez

Starring: Jane Levy, Stephen Lang

The three characters in the movie try to sneak into the Blind Man’s house and try to steal a fortune. However, one person died suddenly in the counterattack of a blind old man. The remaining two try to escape from the house, but that’s just the beginning of a “can’t even breathe” as the person who is blind is brilliant in killing tactics.  

This is a masterpiece horror released by the director/starring combination, who has been criticized for their unpopular remake version of “The Evil Dead”, for the sake of honor recovery they combined again and gives you a great masterpiece which will be remembered for a long time in the horror film genre. 

47 Meters Down ( Amazon prime) 

2015 USA

Director: Johannes Roberts

Starring: Claire Holt, Mandy Moore

47 Meters Down Best Horror film on Netflix

Beautiful sisters enjoying a vacation in Mexico dive into the sea full of sharks to test their courage while being invited by a local Chara man. However, the wire supporting the cage was cut in the accident, and the sisters were left behind at 47 meters Down below the sea. Approaching sharks, unreachable radio, little oxygen left … Desperate survival begins in desperate circumstances!

A masterpiece that is trapped in a shark movie that everyone loves and adds elements of horror. It is an extreme state horror that starts from a state of almost “checkmate”, so to speak, it is a submarine version of “Zero Gravity”.

These are the best horror films we found and think you will enjoy them. We would like to know what do you guys think about these films that we have discussed in this blog.  

Do let us know what do you guys think about these Horror films. Do mentions us if you didn’t find them on Netflix but on some other platform we will surely update the articles. 

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