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Travel Videos and Vlogs

Before talking about the budget kit for travel video and vlogs let us about the importance of it. Travel video and vlog are very much trending nowadays. People love to share their travelling experience and knowledge with others, so the video is great for it. Clicking a quality video is the most important aspect for making an impressive Travel or Vlog video. Here quality doesn’t mean to the video resolution it refers to unshaken video, the right exposure and good audio quality.

These things don’t require any professional skill or knowledge, it requires only the understanding of what gear you are using, how to use it. In this blog, we know about the best kit for making travel and vlog video under minimum budget.

Four Important Things Must Know While Choosing Gears.

  • Portability: Whenever you choose gear for travel or vlog video, the gear must be easy to carry, lightweight and easy to setup.
  • Built quality: While making a budget kit, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise too much with the built quality.
  • Multipurpose: Whatever gear you choose to keep in mind that, it must be multipurpose or it is good to have a multipurpose gear like a gimbal. If you have one then no need of camera slider or other gear. same as if you have DJI Osmo Pocket then you don’t need any gimble. These things make the kit smaller and more portable.
  • Battery backup: It is very hard to charge the batteries while travelling or shooting outside. So, always keep in mind that the gear you carry must have good battery backup or keep some extra batteries with you. And if the gears are not electrical then it’s much better.

Best Budget Kit

  • Smartphone (Any smartphone able to shoot full HD and above) – Already have.
  • Hohem iSteady X – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal – ₹ 5,990/-
  • Protake and Filmic Pro (for both IOS and android) – free app/Paid version.
  • SKYVIK Signi One CPL Filter – ₹ 1,199/-
  • Maono AU-100 (Microphone) – ₹ 799/-
  • Inshot – mobile video/photo editor (Free/Paid)

Total Budget: ₹ 7,988/-


Nowadays, Smartphone cameras are advance with good quality. The best part of using a smartphone is that if you are shooting with it, then you can also edit the clip within it. You don’t have to transfer clips to the computer for editing and also upload the final videos with it. So, the smartphone is a multipurpose device.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Smartphone for making travel video and vlogs.

Pros of a Smartphone –

  • Video Quality: Most of the smartphone cameras shoot in full HD, even 4k is also very commonly available that’s enough for a good quality travel video. And the majority of people still watch in HD or Full HD videos online.
  • Multiple Cameras: Because of two cameras, it is easy to shoot the landscape and then swipe to vlogs which is very convenient.
  • Big LCD Display: Big Full HD LCD screen is the biggest plus point in smartphones. Even in DSLR also we don’t get such a big LCD screen, for that we have to attach an external monitor which cost a lot.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: For travel videos and vlogs we required wide-angle lens most of the time because they capture a wider range and all the smartphones lens are coming with wide-angle lenses.
  • Accessories: There are tons of accessories available in the market for the smartphone within the budget which you can buy to enhance your video experiences like clip lenses, CPL or ND filters, cages and gimbals etc.
  • Portability: Nowadays everyone is using mobile so, it’s known that how much it is portable and for video making also you don’t have to carry an extra device.
  • Easy Editing: There are so many editing apps that are available for Android and IOS, which are very good. So, you don’t have to transfer the clips to the laptop for editing. You just click the video with your smartphone, edit it in smartphone and upload to the social media or where you want to upload.
  • Good Battery life: Modern smartphone comes with a good battery life which is a great pro for you.

Smartphone Gimbal 

As we discuss above that having unshakable footage is very important for a travel or vlog video. To get unshakable footage a gimbal is very necessary. The best part is that if you buy gimbal for a DSLR it will cost minimum 20,000 but if you buy for a smartphone, it will cost 5,000 to 6,000.  

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Smartphone gimbal for making travel video and vlogs.

Pros of a smartphone gimbal-

  • Unshakable Footage: It makes your footage more stable and also looks professional while shoot video or make a vlog.
  • Camera Movements: You can do tones of camera movements with a gimbal which makes your video more interesting and cinematic.
  • Budget-Friendly: In compare to DSLR gimbal, smartphone gimbals are very cheap, e.g. (DIGITEK 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal – ₹ 5,499/- and DJI Ronin SC Camera Gimbal – ₹ 29,995/-)
  • Portability: Smartphone gimbals are very much light-weight around 350g to 500g.

Some of refer smartphone gimbal

Hohem iSteady X – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal – ₹ 5,990

ZHIYUN Smooth X Gimbal Stabilizer – ₹ 5,999

DIGITEK 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal – ₹ 5,499

Smartphone App

The best camera to make any video is the camera which has manual controls. Manual controls mean manually adjust the focus, aperture, frame rate, shutter speed etc. So, if your phone can do that, then it is great but if no then you need an app to control those setting.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners, Best app for filmmaking, travel video and vlog with smartphone.
Filmmaking mobile app
Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners, Best app for filmmaking, travel video and vlog with smartphone.
Filmicpro app

Pros of a smartphone App-

  • Manual Control: Do you know what is the best part of a DSLR camera? that it gives complete manual control over the camera features. That allows you to use the camera according to your need.
  • Proper Use: With the help of manual controls over the camera you can use it to its extreme limits.
  • Video Quality: Having the manual control over the camera make you footage more beautiful and lot more professional if you know how to use it properly.
  • Understanding: Manual control makes you understand, how light and other factors affect the video and its quality.

Some of the refer Apps are:

Protake and Protake+ (Android/IOS) – Free/Paid both

Filmic Pro (Android/IOS) – Paid 

Moment / Pro camera by moment (IOS)- Paid

Smartphone Filters and lenses

Filters: We always talk about the pros of the smartphone but we never talk about the cons or problems. The most common problem which you can face while shoot with mobile is that the intake of excessive light. In DSLR also, while shooting outdoor to get the shallow depth of feel when we open the full aperture up to 1.8 or 2.0 something. In result, the footage gets burnt due to excessive intake of light to control that excess light we use ND filter same as in mobile also we use these filters. The most common filters are ND filter, CPL/Circular polarising filter and UV filter.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Mobile lenses

Lenses:  There are different lenses which we can use to get the multiple focal lengths and effects like fish-eye, anamorphic. These lenses are external lenses since the main lens of the smartphone is fixed as we know, so we have to attach these lenses with the help of a clip or mobile cover.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Mobile lenses

Pros of smartphone filters & lenses –

  • Cost: Mobile lenses and filters are way too cheaper, in comparison to DSLR lenses and filters.
  • Size: The size of these lenses and filters are small as a bottle cap.
  • Image: With the help of lenses and filters you will get good control over the image exposure, focal length so that get quality footage.

Some of the refer Apps are:

SKYVIK Signi One CPL Filter – ₹ 1,199

SKYVIK SIGNI One 10mm Fisheye Lens – ₹ 3,999

SKYVIK SIGNI X 20x Macro Lens Kit – ₹ 1,199

SKYVIK SIGNI One Anamorphic Lens – ₹ 7,999

Smartphone Microphone

Capturing good audio while shooting outdoor is a great challenge every videographer because there are too much of noise. And good audio depends upon what microphone you are using at what situation and as we know that good audio is way more important than the video quality. So, choose the right microphone for the right situation.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Microphone for vlogs
Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Kit for travel video and vlogs

Pros of microphone for smartphone –

  • It makes your video more audible by reducing extra noise.
  • Increase your video content quality.
  • Make quick or good connectivity between the audience and the content particularly in vlogs.

Some of the refer Microphone are:

Maono AU-100 Lavalier Microphone – ₹ 799

Boya BYM1 Lavalier Condenser Microphone – ₹ 711

BOYA by-MM1 Universal Cardiod Shotgun Microphone – ₹ 1,499

Rode VideoMic Me – ₹ 5,499

Video Editing in Smartphone

Video editing is the most crucial part of video making. It is a game-changer if you have don’t have great clips then, also with good editing you can make them look awesome. Nowadays editing in mobile or smartphones become very easy. It becomes more convenient while you are shooting with mobile.

Best Budget Kit for Travel Videos and Vlogs – Beginners
Video editing in smartphone/mobile

Pros of video editing with the smartphone –

  • No need to invest good money in high configure PCs and laptop for video editing. Since for video editing you required at least 6 core processor and minimum 8 GB ram.
  • It increases your portability because you don’t have to transfer the clip from one device to another. And also you don’t have to carry an extra bag for a laptop.
  • If you are travelling on a bus, you can’t edit with laptop and post to social media but with the mobile video editor, you can.
  • With smartphone video-editor, you can edit all type of video footage like full HD, 4k.

Some of the refer video editing apps are:

Inshot – (Free/Paid)

VN video editor (Free)

Adobe premiere rush – (Free/Paid)

Filmora go – (Paid)

Viva cut – (Free/ Paid)


If you want to start making travel video and vlog with a budget of 15,000/- Indian currency then above kit is the best option for every beginner. After doing for a while, you can move to mirrorless cameras or upgrade other equipment.

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By Rajib Sinha

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