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Are you searching for that perfect background for YouTube videos?

Background for YouTube Video does matter a lot. If we talk about YouTube video or interviews, the backdrop is something which makes a huge difference and a very major element in it. After lighting, the background is something that can completely change your video look. Make your video look more professional than an ordinary one. But the most important question is how to create a backdrop for your video? To get the answer, we have to understand how many types of Backdrops are there. The backdrops are of 4 types:

  1. Texture or Plane backdrops.
  2. Materialistic backgrounds.
  3. Croma background.

Before choosing a background we always keep in mind certain things. These are major mistakes done by the beginner in their videos. These points are very important and applicable in all the four backgrounds. These points are:

  • Don’t use moving backgrounds or do not keep thing moving in background setup. For example, in your video background, if there is a carton which is floating continuously. This kind of things distracts the audience attention from the main character towards the moving item.
  • Always keep distance between the background and the character to create a blur effect or bokeh effect. The most common mistake done by new YouTuber is that they sit closer to their backdrop. If your background is far from the character when we focus on the character the background will get blur. 
  • Always use backlights to make your backdrop more interesting and attractive. use three-point lighting technique for YouTube and interview setup.
  • Try to keep the backdrop as simple as possible but don’t use complete white plane colour and skin colour background. Skin colour is very hard to colour correct in post-production and Plane white backdrop make the backdrop flat and dull.

Texture or Plane backdrops:

Plane backdrops mean using single or two colors for your video background as you can see in the above picture. On the other hand, texture backdrop means using a texture as a background. Nowadays wallpaper is getting very popular for room decor so you can use those wallpaper for video background pasting it in a small section of your wall.

As I mentioned earlier that As I already mention that using colour like white and skin colour as a backdrop colour make complication for post-production and also make the footage flat. In skin colour backdrop if you make any colour adjustment on the skin, it will automatically affect the background. And the white colour makes the footage flat.

Always do lighting in such a way that no shadow will be cast on the background. Also, try to use a light for the Backdrop as a backlight which separates the Backdrop from the character.

  1. Materialistic or story-based backdrops: 

In such types of Backdrops, we do not use flat background, in place of that we use things, items like a photo frame, a Bookshelf, and anything that tells us the story of the character. To understand it better we can see in the below photo. In the 1st picture, we can see a school set up as a background it means, the girl is either a teacher or related to that school. And in 2nd photo, we can see the character’s brand name, a film reel on the wall, a piano keyboard, camera on the desktop it means the character is related to films or music. We don’t need to use items which relate to the Character only we can also use items that do not connect with the character but looks good in the frame.

Croma Background:

Croma screen is a visual effect technique which is very much use in video production screen nowadays. It is a single color background (Green and blue) which will be replaced further in post-production with an artificial background. It seems very easy but it is not. For a nice Croma effect, we need two lighting setup one is for the character and another for the Croma screen. The lighting on the Croma screen should be flat, no shadow and wrinkle should cast on the Croma screen. Always use good Croma cloth and character should not be wear color similar to the Croma screen. 

By Rjib Sinha

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