9 Interesting YouTube Content Types That Can Help Your Business

9 Interesting YouTube Content Types That Can Help Your Business

Presently, the use of video in social Platforms plays an important role. Not only is it an interesting additional feature to showcase what your business is doing, but it is also the main tool in reaching and channeling your business campaigns. As reported by Hubspot, 52% of marketers say that video content has a better ROI than text content. This is because videos can evoke more emotion and tell stories in a way that text and photos cannot. Video can also be a brand recall where consumers have the ability to remember a brand name based on the product category from their memory. However, keep in mind that some video types seem to work better than others. And here are 9 Types of Video Content that can be used for your business.

1. Behind The Scenes

Basically people are curious about things behind the scenes. So take this moment to talk about your company culture and build a connection with them by showing your audience the people who work in your business. Office tours, showcasing new products, and office habits can be perfect topics for your behind-the-scenes content.

2. Vlogs

Video blogs or what are often shortened to vlogs are currently becoming one of the most popular types of video content to engage the audience. This is because vlogs are easy to create, don’t cost a lot of money, and don’t require a specific idea or theme. Instead of trying to think of and come up with new content to create, you can document your everyday journey through vlogs.

3. Interview and Q&A

Interview-themed content and Q&A can be a great and informative way to engage your audience. Interviews can help build connections with potential referral partners in your business, while Q&A content can be a great way to communicate with your audience. To do so, you can prepare questions in advance or collect questions from your audience.

4. Announcements / Reveals

Have something going in your business? This kind of themed content is the perfect way to build excitement in announcing big news for your business such as an expansion or launching a new product.

5. Tutorials / How To

This type of content explains how a product or service works and how to use it. This type of content is also the most sought after content by everyone. But you still have to be careful because useful content must be more than just promotion and soft selling. Because your audience is certainly quite good at distinguishing whether they are being forced to sell or not.

6. Promos, Deals & Give Away

It is undeniable, everyone likes goods at good deals. Therefore, this type of content can be the answer to promoting your exclusive offer and grabbing their attention with an eye-catching video promoting your sale, promo or prize contest. Don’t forget to also tell the audience what prizes they can get. Isn’t their main goal to get rewards?

7. User Generated Content

It is always helpful to repost the content on your business page but always remember to give credit to those who have written it.

8. Exhibition

Exhibition videos can show the excitement that is happening and expand the range of visibilities.You can do this by recording, editing, or trying live streaming using live social media such as Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Twitter’s Periscope Live. So people can easily find out what happened at the event when they couldn’t visit the exhibition in person

9. Breaking News

Accessing information at this time is very easy. At least you’ll get some news from social media about what’s going on. So that news or trending topics discussed can be a great opportunity for you, whether it’s news about your own company or about important events in the world. This type of video works very well through the social media platform Twitter, because there a lot of people are talking about and even trending some things So when you’re trying to decide what video idea will work best for your business.Good luck and don’t forget to share this article, OK!

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