Online Video Editing

Online Video Editing Platform and their Feature 

Online video editing platform provides amazing features and flexibility to work from anywhere. We are experiencing a new time in information technology. People are opting for small duration in entertainment, news and infotainment.   

This small duration of 2 to 3 minutes of video provides great opportunity for editors and online video editing platforms to work together and produce video fast and easy way.  

If you are looking for the free video editing software for proffestional video editing check out this article For top 10 free video editing software read here  

Of-course the off-line video editors like FCP & Adobe Premiere are going to stay there but we are seeing a shift especially from Adobe to provide online video editing solutions through their online platform like Spark

Videos can now be edited directly on the online video editing website. With this online video editing service, it is easier for you and you don’t need to install special applications on your PC or cellphone.

In this digital era, the need to have quality videos will be even higher. But if you leave video editing tasks to professionals, it will certainly add to the cost. so that you can edit videos easily and affordably, several online video editing websites are now available. Here is an online video editing website that you can choose to do the editing process for various purposes, from beginners to business matters.

Here is the list of 10 online video editing platforms that are free to use 

1. WeVideo

Online video editing has its challenges and Wevideo seems to cross these chellegnes and provides a good platform for the online video editing and online movie editing community.  

WeVideo is one of the most popular platforms among video creators. Those who are still amateurs or even pro ones use this device. We Video can be used on all devices such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.


One creates a professional-looking video through this online platform. Just like any other professional off-line video editing platform they have provided three layers to edit the video, two editing layers are dedicated to the video and one layer is dedicated to the audio section.

So if you have different tracks of music/sound /effects it will only allow one track. But there is a way out of it you can always export one version and then reimport the footage in the online video editing platform WeVideo. If you want to export the footage in SD you can export it for free with limited features. If you choose their paid plan you can access many other features for your video editing requirements. Visit the site Wevideo

The online video editing process is getting popular every day new exciting features have been uploaded. Online movie editing and online video editing services will grow more in the future with improved AI and fast internet connections. In this article of online video editing platform at number two is 

2. Video Toolbox

The next video editing web is the Video Toolbox. You can edit large files here. You can process files up to 600 MB. Once that is done, you can convert the edited results into several popular formats such as AMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, and many more. So that your edited video is not claimed by others, you can add a watermark to your video. 


In the features section, the very first thing that you will notice is that it is free and capable of processing footage up to 1500MB. Also, it will study your video files and will provide you detailed information about the codecs and bit rates that have been used while shooting the video. An dedicated video file converter to all the popular video formats like (3GP, AMV, ASF, VI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV). 

Apart from it, you cut footage at start and endpoints as per your requirement. One can corp the video clip, merge multiple video files in a single video track, extracts audio, video, or subtitle text from a file this feature is known as demux. For more information visit the website here

Right now there is a cold ware going on between the online video editing platform. The chellenges are great. Proffestional who have edited on the off-line video editing platforms are still reluctant to use online video editing platforms. This battel will surely provide us some of the best features in the upcoming days for keep checking this section lets check the next online video editing platform 

3. Loopster

Loopster is a popular online video editing platform. This platform is easy for beginners to use. You can edit the video until it looks professional. This platform provides a collection of varied sound effects. With this, you can add effects to make your video more interesting. 


It is easy to get started with this editor and they are proud of it as this is the very first thing you can see on their website. One can add up to twenty video clips up to 10 seconds of duration and 15 photos. It is easy to hover on the timeline and do the review of your footage and then delete or reshoot any clip.

They are also providing the caption features for your displayed clips. With their plus membership plan, you will get more storage spaces, a longer timeline, a second audio timeline with recording, and plenty more upgrades from the free version. For more information visit the website here

Online video editing platforms are a combination of AI technology and art. The one who is advance in technology and good with artistic aesthetic will be ahead in this battle of online movie editing. 

4. Kizoa

The next online video editing platform is Kizoa. This platform is widely known because it provides special effects facilities in terms of size, duration, time, position, and so on. You can also add animation features to your video. 


A free online video editor that can help business persons, students, film-makers, and YouTubers with powerful editing online. It offers easy create the picture in picture effects for your scenes. It accepts motion to text, special effects, and GIFs. The rendering of the project can be done to MP4, HEVC/H.265, MKV, WebM, DVD. And the most powerful statement that they make is that it accepts any resolution up to Full HD, and 4 K. 

To know more about features visit their website 

Online Video Editing Platforms are no doubts providing amazing capablities to bussienss and movie makers but the rise in online video editing platforms will be seen when they reduce the pricing and offers great features. Why not someone at online video editing platform is thinking going to google way where everything is free but they can always earn money through adevertisment! Only time will tell. Let us disucss the next video editing platform 

5. Animoto

One of the online video editors used by professionals for both business and personal purposes is Animoto. Edits on this platform can be formatted according to the size recommended by Facebook, Instagram, or Picasa. Animoto is equipped with a music collection. 


Animato offers a bundle of services their easy-to-use interface provides you to add photos and video clips to make a video. It is easy to choose music from their music library as they have stocked many songs in their database. If you running a business and want regular branding video Animoto is the online editing platform you can consider. This online video editing platform provides features like move, corp, and zoom or rotate your photo and video clips the way you want. You can choose a range of slideshows and add filters and text to your videos. To know more visit here

Online Video Editing platform is in trend and Adobe knows this that is why they have spark in their eyes the big quesiton is when apple will understand it and enter in this market official. Of-course they have iMovie for their iphone and imac versions but still it is not open for the large audience who wants to edit online. Here is the next free online movie/video editing platform 

6. Wideo

Wideo is touted as an online video edit that is suitable for video marketing needs. It is also suitable for product promotion projects or company branding.  


At Wideo one can create animated videos and presentations as per their business requirement. They are dedicated to helping business person brands to build animated presentations or videos for their marketing and branding purposes. 

One can choose from the range of template and enter your project details and share it with a click to their audience for more information visit their website

Online video editing platform would it replace the video editors and graphic designers? Time to think about it and upgrade your skills !!!
7. PowToon

The all-in-one online video editing tool is PowToon. It is called all in one because it can be used for personal, professional, and educational purposes. PowToon provides ready-to-use templates. There is a simple drag and drop feature option. 


The AI System of powtoon recognizes your script and puts forward the template that may be useful for your video project. After selecting these templates and scenes you can drop them to the timeline and export the video. It is a platform that provides you the freedom to develop professional and fully customized videos for your audience. For more information visit their website. Visit the site

Online video Editing platforms the classic old guy is from google only through their youtube platform 

8. YouTube Creator Tools

Today’s popular online video editing platform is YouTube Creator Tools. This tool is very useful for YouTubers. Here, you can take advantage of facilities such as Capture, Editor, Caption, Video Slide Show, to the Audio Library. Visit the site ( on YouTube Creator Tools ).


Youtube the world’s largest online video community also provides video editing features. One can upload their video footage and trim it and edit it online on the youtube platform and directly publish it on youtube. It has the basic features of adding video/image and audio to your projects. You can check it by logging into your youtube studio account.

Online Video editing platform has changed the way we look at the video editing but the question is who are the main users of it editors or business users? 

9. Magisto

The Magisto site seems to be suitable for those of you who like fast editing. Magisto has dozens of views and music lists ready to be combined with your clips or video recordings. After finishing editing, you can also upload the video directly to social media. 


Magisto on its website provides information that says that it is easy to use and storytelling is as fast as writing a blog post (To which a blogger and a video editor do not agree both have their challenges ). And further it ads that it is as easy as PowerPoint. May it is a way to re-connect you with the skills you already using and comparing them with the new thing like video editing so that you can use them without any hesitation. Here is the link to their website go and check if they suit your requirements. Visit the site  

Online video editing platform will surely transform the way we look at editing and editor! the good or bad only time will tell. 

10. Clideo

If you need more editing features then Clideo is the answer. Clideo is an online video editing website that can be used via a PC or smartphone. The features in Cildo range from speed videos, video merge, and video editor memes. 


You can merge, compress, resize clips and images. Can make videos and slideshows. For unlimted videos, you have to choose their paid plans visit there website for more features

so these are the 10 online video editing websites available on the internet for you. To use it, do the practice first before using it for professional purposes, and just let us know what do you think about these online video editing platforms. 

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